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Sugar-coated sweets and chocolates and bars of chocolate – that is the delicious world of Piasten. Since our foundation in 1923 in Brzeg / Silesia, we have passionately devoted ourselves to the task of making life’s moments of indulgence even more enticing, even sweeter, even finer and even more varied. Today, we can be found throughout the world, as our products are so popular and in such demand that we are already exporting to more than 50 countries. 

We warmly invite you to find out more about us and our product range, here on our website. One product or another is sure to evoke sweet memories, or to make you want to become better acquainted with it. Of course, we are also happy to answer your questions in person; perhaps, together, we can make the world a little bit more delicious.



Founded in Brzeg / Silesia


Reestablished in Forchheim


Partial acquisition by the Cadbury Schweppes Group


Distribution of Cadbury products in Germany – Complete takeover by Cadbury Schweppes Group


ISO 9001 certification


First certification IFS + BRC


Management-Buy-Out – Distribution cooperation Cadbury


IFS at high level


OHSAS (work safety certificate)


18 DLG gold awards


Environmental management certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2009


Quality assurance in-house by qualified DLG examiner


Manufacturing of organic products according to EG 834-2007


UTZ Certification: UTZ Certified farmers are trained to improve the quality of their product and efficiency while taking care of people and environment.


Exclusive use of certified palm oil – switch to FSC step by step


Acquisition of Piasten by Katjes International


Manufacturing of products with Fairtrade-chocolate


Distribution of Treets THE PEANUT COMPANY ®

Quality equals customer satisfaction

All the employees from our company’s departments are pulling together. We are directing all our activities towards a single goal:
We want our customers in Germany and abroad to always be satisfied with us, our products and our service.
Top-quality raw materials at reasonable prices, many years of manufacturing experience and careful workmanship, combined with modern technology –
these are the foundations for the quality of our products. This means that we are always able to offer our customers a unique taste experience.

Trust is good, control is better
Our trust-based, collaborative relationship with suppliers from throughout the world, some of which we have worked with for many years,
safeguards our high quality standard right from the start.
In our in-house laboratory, the deliveries are tested in accordance with strict guidelines, which go beyond the statutory requirements.
This is the only way we can be completely confident on behalf of our customers.

We know how
The knowledge relating to the manufacture of fine chocolate and exquisite products is our “sweet secret”.
Our experts are very familiar with the centuries-old stories and the tricks of the cocoa and chocolate trade.
The continuous professional development of our employees lastingly promotes knowledge and personal responsibility and is an important guarantor
for the years to come.

Modern times
State-of-the-art production facilities and computer-aided manufacturing processes, a high level of production reliability and high standards of hygiene –
the other, modern side of chocolate manufacturing at Piasten.